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Wild Adventures:
Ultimate Deer Hunt 3D

Arcade hunting hits the 3DS in style with
Wild Adventures: Ultimate Deer Hunt 3D





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eV Interactive LLC

eV Interactive LLC

eV Interactive LLC


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Head out on an adventure unlike anything you've seen before on the Nintendo 3DS.  This is arcade-style hunting at it's action packed best.  Venture into the tundra and go after over 20 species of game and fowl including blacktail deer, grouse, ducks and even the majestic elk.  Defend yourself against predators like wolves, wolverine, and the mighty grizzly!  You'll even bowfish for salmon jumping upstream in Alaska's crystal clear rivers.

Along the way collect over 20 weapons and items to help you score that monster buck.  Switch between rifle, shotgun and bow to make the most of the hunting situation.  After the hunt, visit the lodge where your achievements and trophies are on display for all to see.

Unlike static hunting and shooting games, Ultimate Deer Hunt moves you through incredibly detailed environments never before seen in eye-popping 3D.  You'll hike through forests and along rivers while exploring over a dozen detailed hunting locations in search of your monster prey.

Features Include:
  • Hard hitting arcade-style action in amazing 3D.

  • More than a dozen lush, detailed environments filled with big game.

  • Over 20 rifles, shotguns, bows and special items you can outfit for a successful hunt.

  • Hunt more than 20 species including Big Game, Varmints and Fowl.

  • Defend yourself against dangerous predators including wolves, wolverines and the mighty grizzly.

  • Visit the hunting lodge to equip your favorite gear and check out your trophies.

  • Over 50 achievements and trophies keep the excitement rolling!

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