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Remington Dangerous Animals

Remington Super Slam Hunting: Alaska makes it's way to Europe under the name: Remington Dangerous Animals.  Fully translated into English, Spanish, French, German and Italian!

Shoot fast, move quick and be ready for anything as you experience the wilds of Alaska!  Set your signets on trophy Deer, Caribou, Elk, and Moose - but don't forget that predators like Wolves, Bears, Cougars have their signs on you.  Remington Dangerous Animals is Outdoor Action! Play with or against your friends! Remington Dangerous Animals features one of the best cooperative hunting experiences with a full Co-Op campaign.  Every level can be played alone, in Co-Op, or in Versus modes.  Post your scores to the Online Leaderboards and climb your way to the top- be the greatest hunter in Alaska! 

  • Gear up with 20+ real, licensed weapons and accessories from Remington, Magnum, and Wiley X and more!

  • Over a hundred medals, achievements, and trophies just waiting to be earned.

  • 1-4 player Co-Op & Multiplayer - Any level can be multiplayer in
    one of the first truly Co-Op Hunting Games!

  • Hunt snowy forests, open planes, autumn fields

  • Hunt the best game in Alaska: Bison, Moose, Lynx, and more!


Published by: Mastiff Games
Platforms: Wii
Available at:
GameStop  OnLive

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