Take command of history's most iconic fighter jets in this

unprecedented VR flight simulator for the Oculus Quest. 

Intuitive and easy to fly, yet sophisticated enough for takeoffs,

landings, rolls, loops, and even carrier launches and landings. 

You'll be surprised at how far the Oculus Quest can be pushed!

ACPDOJVR Banner 2048x512.png

Vast stretches of detailed scenery make exploring the world and learning to fly 1/2 the fun.  

Weave your jet through mountain passes and river gullies while avoiding SAMs.  Pop up over a ridgeline to conceal your strike.   Punch through the clouds to surprise the enemy!

ACPDOJVR Screenshot 1 1280x720.jpg

Our goal with Dawn Of Jets is to give players the best "feeling of flight" possible on the Quest. 


This starts with enough detail to be be convincing while keeping the frame rate and physics fluid.


ACPDOJVR Screenshot 3 1280x720.jpg

We think you will be pleasantly surprised at how much detail and how large an expanse we've been able to show on the Quest

A variety of scenery, with clouds and time of day effects makes each flight unique.

ACPDOJVR ActionScreenshot01 1280x720.jpg

While you may be content just learning to fly and exploring the scenery, Dawn of Jets is a combat game at it's heart.  Make low-level strikes while evading SAMs, then check your six for MiGs!

While still early in development, we are excited to show a little sneak-peek of how cool a flight game can be on a stand-alone VR device.  When we started, we weren't sure this was going to work out.