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Shimano Xtreme Fishing

Go after more than fifty varieties of fish and fend off hungry predators like sharks, alligators and piranhas. Swim and boat through exotic environments ranging from the cold, dark waters of a North American lake to a roaring Amazon waterfall. Experience eerie submerged Mayan ruins, the hidden lagoons of a southern island and the shark-infested waters of a tropical sea.

Multiplayer mode pits you against another kind of predator-humans. Two to four players face each other in a series of fast and deadly fish hunting contests.

Published by: Mastiff Games
Platforms: PC, Wii
Available at:

  • Catch over 50 varieties of fish! Real, exotic, lethal!

  • 12 tournaments and 65+ stages

  • 65+ awards and medals to win and post to the leader board

  • Multiplayer for 2 to 4 players

  • Non-stop fishing action featuring Rod & Reel, Spear Gun & SCUBA and Bow Fishing.

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